Vivian Tserotas

Textile landscape Vivian Tserotas
Textile artwork by Vivian Tserotas

Vivian Tserotas
Art Gallery of Lambeth
2454 Main St. unit #6
N6P 1A9
519 280-2644

Vivian is an award winning textile and fused glass artist whose work continues to evolve. She enjoys pushing the limits of her medium and combining various materials to create unique pieces of art. Vivian is always incorporating and problem solving her way through new processes or mediums in her work. The challenge of the unknown and the process of problem solving are what inspires Vivian to create and also why she never duplicates her work. Vivian’s artwork is distinguished by her signature use of vibrant colours, and the illuminating energy flowing from her stitches into whimsical swirls. These same elements are also recognizable in her fused glass creations. Vivian’s work is spontaneous and full of life allowing the viewer to experience her passion, enthusiasm and her laborious love for her art form.