Take the Passport Challenge!

This is your chance to win one of six pieces of original arts created by Studio Tour Artists.

How to play:

Collect one signature from each group of artists. That’s 11 signatures altogether!
Once your card is full, complete the ballot at the bottom and give it to one of the Tour artists who will enter it into a draw.
Prizes are works by tour artists – watch for displays in studios. Winners will be notified on or before November 7th.

Printed passports are available from tour artists or click here for a down-loadable passport.

Chris Allaway (#2 on map)

Take the Passport Challenge!Mountain View (detail)

10 x 8 inches

Mountain View is reminiscent of my winters in Banff, with the snow-covered mountains and deep blue water. I have tried to give the viewer the same sense of awe that I felt looking upon the beauty of the Canadian Rockies.

Jeanette Marshall (#1 on map)

Take the Passport Challenge!Geese on Pastel Waters (detail)

Chalk pastel on Strathmore paper
8.5 x 11.25 inches

Three pairs of Canada Geese bob gently on the surface waters of Lake Erie.

Lisa Stead (#30 on map)

Take the Passport Challenge!A Walk In The Park (detail)

Mixed media
24 x 30 inches

The routes of a busy city with high population contrast a rural area with open space.

Sue Garrington (#21 on map)

Take the Passport Challenge!Summer Field (detail)

Watercolour mounted on cradled board
12 x 10 inches

Catherine Eichstedt (#6 on map)

Take the Passport Challenge!Serenity (detail)

24 x 30 inches

Arale Vallely (#19 on map)

Take the Passport Challenge!Untitled (detail)

Hand-painted silk scarf
11 x 60 inches