Sarah Cowling

Multimedia artwork of puffin by Sarah Cowling
Artwork by Sarah Cowling

Sarah Cowling
180 Timber Dr.
N6K 4B2
519 474-2498

Sarah Cowling’s collage art is a colourful and textural experience. Her subject matter touches on fashion, birds, whimsical fantasy worlds, medieval elements and abstract landscapes. Sarah uses acrylic paints, tissue she stains and colours herself, found papers (old letters, magazines, newspapers, books and other ephemera) to create multilayered, intricate works of art. Her art tells a compelling story that will fascinate the viewer. Finished pieces range in size from 2 by 4 inch miniatures to works as large as 28 by 30 inches. Sarah will have samples of different stages of her creation process. She will be happy to discuss her process, methods, materials and sources with her visitors. There will be a large variety of her art work on exhibit and for sale. Come and see her welcoming studio and storage space for a unique experience.