Noel Sargent

Sargent, Noel - five ceramic bowls

Noel Sargent
Cottage Pottery Studio:
253 Hyman St., N6A 1N6

Noel has been an exhibiting artist for over 30 years. He’s created and exhibited ceramic work in both Canada and the USA. Concurrently, he was an exhibiting painter, a production designer/prop master on five feature films and a photographer of surfing and roller derby.

Noel’s ceramic work is an investigation of form, colour, surface and function. He explores the contrast between the immediacy of clay, classical forms and tedious surface decoration. Most of his work is functional pottery. He believes that putting his art onto functional pottery means the viewer has to interact with his ideas and concepts. This creates a definite connection between maker and user. Noel always considers the end-user holding or using his finished pieces.