Moira Burke

Painting of clouds, water and sand
Machrihinnish Beach by Moira Burke

Moira Burke
Studio III, Unit 210, 538 Adelaide St. N. N6B 2J4
519 472-4152 /

Feel the quiet of a winter walk, the peace of a sunset or the breeze blowing as waves break on the shore – Moira Burke is drawn to subjects that trigger an emotion, a sense of place or a memory. Working from plein air studies, sketches and other location references she challenges herself to capture the atmosphere of a moment on canvas, often progressing from small studies to larger pieces while exploring the possibilities of colour and tone. Water and shorelines are a constant inspiration and you will find works small and large that explore this theme, as well as landscapes.

Primarily an oil painter, Moira has shared a large and light-filled studio with fellow Studio Tour artists Catherine Eichstedt and Ingrid Connidis since 2016.