Marilyn Lazenby

Painting of a landscape depicting Port Stanley
Pt. Stanley by Marilyn Lazenby

Marilyn Lazenby
456 Blake St., N6K 2N7
519 615-1960 /

Marilyn Lazenby is a London-based illustrator, graphic designer and painter. Her interest in fine art and graphic design were intertwined from the beginning of her art education with her compositions telling a story in each of her paintings that are inspired by her local surroundings and travels.

She paints in acrylic, capturing her subjects of landscapes and figurative works. Marilyn is a member of the Gallery Painting Group, creating images around Southern Ontario and her neighbourhood. These works are all about shapes, light, reflections, water and trees growing out of rocks. They create a sense of calm in a landscape abstract style while using transparency to show bits of the underpainting layer from the canvas. She likes to experiment with marks and brushstrokes in an expressive manner. Come to her Byron studio and be inspired.