Marijo Swick

Beekeeper by Marijo Swick - mechanical parts on a canvas covered with a hexagonal pattern
“Beekeeper” by Marijo Swick

Marijo Swick
2 Lundy Lane, N6C 3G5
226 235-4561

Continuing with steampunk, Marijo Swick has created a collection of work that is imaginative, decorative and functional, from lamps and audio amplifiers to airships and automata. Using the alter ego Professor Millie Moon, an explorer and scientific purveyor of oddities and interesting “artifacts,” Marijo trades on this fiction of the future that never was.

Her previous work dealt primarily with genetics and ethics, and she still incorporates some of the more tantalizing ideas into the mechanical processes and beautifully gritty philosophy of steampunk. Whether a crazy playful contraption, like a time machine or jetpack, or an engaging digital painting, or a plethora of mixed media, expect to find something unusual at Marijo’s studio.