Maria-Teresa Vicencio

Sculpture by Maria-Teresa Vicencio
“Square” by Maria-Teresa Vicencio

Maria-Teresa Vicencio
76 Britannia Ave.
N6H 2J2
519 858-2159

Two different types of work – sculpture and graphic art – will be shown in Maria-Teresa’s studio. The sculptures – clay, metal and wood – are inspired by personal observations and memories. The resulting exploration of forms and textures runs together with the search for the appropriate materials to represent these memories.

In the graphic work, the techniques of monoprinting and monotype on paper, combined with colour, are used to complement and represent the continuous transformation and creation of abstract forms. Nature is the starting point for most of the ideas. These works are painted and printed on acid – free paper.

Maria-Teresa’ s works have been exhibited in London, England, Tokyo and Kurashiki Japan, Ottawa, Vancouver and London Ontario. Her prints have been used in several books covers published in Canada. She is a member of the London Potters Guild.