Laila Brandt

Sculptural pottery by Laila Brandt
Ceramic and textile sculpture by Laila Brandt

Laila Brandt
London Clay Art Centre
664 Dundas St.
N5W 2Y8
519 670-9006

Laila Brandt was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and is an artist who loves to hand build unique stoneware pottery that you want to touch, hold and enjoy every day. Each an individual ceramic inspiration, a piece of art, a curiosity that reflects the very nature influenced notion of the perfect-imperfect. Several of her exquisitely crafted items have holes with woven fibers that add a whimsical sense of experimentation. Laila’s obsession is to balance positive and negative spaces and to explore different shapes, textures and imperfections. Her pieces can be found at various shops, online and have also been featured in a new local cookbook. Visit Laila in her studio on the 2nd floor of the London Clay Art Centre for handbuilding demonstrations and an inside peek at the adventures of an artist.