Kirra Konstantinovna

Painting of a white bird by Kirra Konstantinovna
“Ghost of Qualicum” by Kirra Konstantinovna

Kirra Konstantinovna
Ethos Studio Boutique
538 Adelaide St. N.
N6B 3J4
(enter at 630 ½ Lorne Ave.)
226 213-6624

Kirra Konstantinovna moved to London three years ago from the rural Ottawa Valley where she developed her deep love of the natural world. Her childlike awe of flora and fauna followed her across Canada and abroad and is the primary inspiration for her art. Whether the subject is wildlife or protagonist female characters, Kirra’s work has a magical, almost spiritual essence to it: part allegorical, part iconographic. Kirra has worked primarily with acrylic ink washes on paper, incorporating figurative images imposed onto abstract dreamlike backgrounds with a combination of brush and pencil work. Rich, earthy colours pay homage to the natural world and play with themes of light and dark, motion and stillness, the real and surreal. This year Kirra began experimenting in painting with oils on wood panels while staying true to the themes of her other work. Kirra works in a shared studio with her partner Christos Angelopoulos.