Kim Kaitell

Kaitell, Kim - dark bird flying in front of dark sun

Kim Kaitell
34 Elmwood Ave. E., N6C 1J3
519 868-1514

Kim Kaitell grew up in Northwestern Ontario, deeply influenced by the forests and lakes of the Canadian Shield. She had the privilege of spending each summer on Blindfold Lake, an area well known for petroglyphs left behind by the Ojibway people. Her fascination with symbolism and texture began here.

Kim’s formal education includes time at the Alberta University of Art and Mount Royal University and at Atelier Bleu Vert in Bordeaux, France. Surrounded by rich European culture and history, she cultivated a deep interest in symbolism in religious art. Kim works with plaster, elements of mixed media such as linen, burlap, collage and encaustic wax. She hears the call of the crows every morning and visitors will find they show up in her paintings, along with ravens, semi-abstract skyscapes and landscapes.