Kevin Bice

Bice, Kevin - painting of large tree next to a house
“The Great Pine: Le Campigliole” by Kevin Bice

Kevin Bice
2 Leslie St., N6H 1H9
519 438-4217

Over 50 years of making art, Kevin Bice has explored a variety of fields, approaches and media. Although this year’s work is primarily oil on canvas, visitors will also find works in watercolour as well as drawing in ink and charcoal. Also on view are stage designs and props from theatres in London and Sault Ste. Marie. In all areas, he continues to be fascinated by two things – the evocative power of light and the unique, expressive character of the creative medium.

This year, Kevin is presenting works done in the studio and outdoors in Ontario, British Columbia and Italy. In all of his work, Kevin acknowledges the tremendous influence that his father, Clare Bice, has had on his technique and his attitude towards making art.