Jen Hamilton

Hamilton, Jen - installation artwork

Jen Hamilton
19 Rockingham Ct., N6C 4L7
519 709-7103

Jen Hamilton is a printmaker, painter and house maker. Her work explores themes of motherhood, homemaking and domestic structures using a critical lens. These paintings, sculptures and prints are her response to entering motherhood while balancing a career within the arts.

Her “Domestic Postpartum” installation is a series of over 2000 tiny houses built using a repurposed archive of past two-dimensional artwork. With this work, Jen visually challenges the difference between loss and change, shifts in plans, loneliness and overcrowding. She explores what it means to be an artist, feminist and mother, and the pre-constructed roles that are given to each. Work displayed on a 30-foot print wall in Jen’s studio will include screen prints, etchings and relief prints. Jen will offer printing demonstrations throughout the weekend.