Jen Hamilton

Stylized illustration of a house by Jen Hamilton
Artwork by Jen Hamilton

Jen Hamilton
19 Rockingham Ct.
N6C 4L7
519 709-7103

Jen Hamilton is a printmaker, painter and house maker. Her current project titled Domestic Postpartum is a series of over 2000 small houses and domestic structures that range in size from 1.5 inches to 12 inches tall and wide. They are constructed using materials from Jen’s archive from several years of art making which includes drawings, paintings, etchings, screen prints and writings.

Jen’s work explores, critiques and visualizes themes of “home making” and “domesticated duties.” Showing sacrifice as a tool in art making as well in life, these small sculptures, paintings and linocut prints are a response to the struggle of entering motherhood while trying to maintain an art practice. Her work has been shown across Canada as well as internationally.