Jeanette Marshall

Painting of ivy on a wall by Jeanette Marshall
“Patina” by Jeanette Marshall

Jeanette Marshall
West Wind Studio
212 Pochard Lane
N5W 5Z3
226 663-5906

Jeanette grew up in Prairie Canada’s Big Sky Country. Upon earning a BFA Honours Degree from the University of Manitoba, she pursued her career in Montreal, Vancouver and Windsor. In 2012, she relocated West Wind Studio to London. Her figurative painting style blends classical training, observation and imagination. Her works are personal interpretations of the world around her, embodying the deeper meaning she perceives, capturing aesthetic harmonies and preserving valued experiences.

Of the myriad challenges that an artist faces, the greatest are fostering an identity and forging a sense of purpose. Toward this end, over the past year, Jeanette has delved into her ancestry. She recognized a value that the women of her past held in common, namely a love of horticulture. The floral beauty that her foremothers cultivated, that which she recreates in her home and gardens, and discovers along hiking trails, is reflected on paper and canvas.