Ingrid Arnet Connidis

Painting of a two-storey yellow house with large trees in the front yardIngrid Arnet Connidis
Studio III, Unit 210, 538 Adelaide St. N. N6B 2J4
519 473-5111 /

Ingrid Arnet Connidis paints mostly in oil and acrylic, both indoors and out. A range of subjects call to her – landscapes, houses, animals, crows. Whatever the subject, colour is usually the first thing to catch her attention. Sometimes that means real-life colour and sometimes it means translating what she sees into even more vibrant colours to convey its impact. Her paintings typically express how she feels when she paints – happy and whimsical. Ingrid’s outdoor paintings of nature and buildings reflect the pleasure of being in natural settings and the stories that old homes have to tell. Painting favourite subjects from photos and her imagination adds whimsy to her work.

For the last two years, Ingrid has worked indoors at an old East studio shared with Moira Burke and Catherine Eichstedt. Come and enjoy Ingrid’s completed work, photos of paintings at various stages, and work in progress.