Greg Benz

Benz, Greg - abstract painting

Greg Benz
1377 Rideau Gate, N5X 1X2
519 851-8502
Instagram: @gregbenz_artwork

Greg Benz’ new outdoor studio is finished and he invites you to visit both it and his home. Greg’s creative journey through visual art and music have given him a broad palette from which to create bold pieces on canvas and wood-panel.

His current artwork is simply the next chapter in his artistic career. Utilizing non-traditional painting techniques, his large Canadian-based landscapes feature an authoritative use of colour and texture. His acclaimed work in resin is explosive, with a mash-up of colours and patterns that give the impression of violent creation in deep space. Since graduating from London’s Bealart, Greg has also had a rich career as a DJ and producer of electronica. This has allowed him to travel and be a player in a wide range of creative endeavors.