Doug Magrath

Wood turned vessel, fluted top with bark edgeDoug Magrath
875 Waterloo St. N6A 3W7
519 432-0557

Over the past twenty years as a full-time woodturner Doug Magrath has focused on two areas. He creates functional art items such as serving bowls, platters, pepper and salt mills, wine stoppers, and turned boxes. These items are intended to be used but designed and finished to be comfortably left out to display the form, natural colour and figure in the wood. Doug’s work is available locally at Jill’s Table.

Doug also creates decorative art pieces, primarily vases, hollow forms, natural edge bowl forms and sculptural pieces, that are designed to capture the unique colours and figure in wood burls or exotic woods. Their only function is to occupy space beautifully. These are regularly available locally at Jonathon Gallery. Commissioned work is also welcomed. Doug is one of the organizers of the London Artists’ Studio Tour.