David Moynihan

Moynihan, David - hand thrown mug and bowl

David Moynihan
Cottage Pottery Studio: 253 Hyman St., N6A 1N6
519 471-2143

David Moynihan’s work is a collection of affordable, traditional, elegant and functional pottery for house and home. His work enhances those little moments alone or with family and friends. He offers a balanced cup of coffee, the perfect frame for the food you carefully prepare, or a perfect accent piece for that family heirloom.

Over the past two decades, David has honed his production pottery skills to provide a full line of dinner and serveware. Tour the fully functional studio culminating David’s 26 years of clay experience. The studio is a 150 year old Ontario cottage converted into working space. Visit to witness firsthand the complete process of making from forming to firing. For those adventurous folks there will be a chance to try the wheel yourself!