Corinne Garlick

Landscape painting by Corinne Garlick
“River View” by Corinne Garlick

Corinne Garlick
511 St. James St.
N5Y 3P4
519 672-5220

New location in Old North! – Step into Corinne’s new studio and you’re likely to see street scenes of London and landscapes of southern Ontario. Executed in brilliant colour, her paintings are imaginative, expressive and full of the vitality that she sees around her. She is a graduate of BealArt and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and has been making a living from her art for the last 17 years. Her outdoor adventures in local parks and natural settings provide inspiration for her large landscape paintings that feature the beauty of southern Ontario. Done primarily in oil on canvas, her paintings exude character and life.

A unique studio experience that you won’t want to miss!