Claire Cepukas

Painting of trees by Claire Cepukas
“Snow Ghosts” by Claire Cepukas

Claire Cepukas
The Factory Creative Businesses
630 ½ Lorne Ave.
N6B 3J4
250 777-3744

Claire Cepukas, born and raised in London, is a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. She draws inspiration for her colourful landscapes from her many years living and working remotely as a silviculturist in Western Canada. Although Claire is primarily a large scale painter, she has found herself experimenting with alcohol markers, patterned paper and other mixed-media to create smaller on-the-go nature studies that accommodate her nomadic working lifestyle. Her love and enthusiasm for the outdoors are mirrored in her work with the use of exaggerated colour, dynamic lines and bold shapes. Claire welcomes you to come explore her shared studio space, where her creative ideas and natural influences translate themselves onto paper and canvas.