Brian Normandeau

Painting of several cyclists racing
Racers by Brian Normandeau

Brian Normandeau
1911 Beaverbrook Ave. N6H 5X6
519 817-8291 /

Brian Normandeau sees himself as a contemporary fine artist whose paintings reflect our society today and are solely painted for aesthetic and visual purposes. His work is not dictated by style but by the colours, textures, and the processes required to capture the beauty of even the most mundane subjects. His inspirations come from many sources, including family and nature which challenges him to bring the subject to life in a way that provokes emotion, memory or thoughts in the viewer.

Painting is Brian’s way of sharing the excitement for what he is seeing and experiencing. It is his way of sharing his visions, emotions, memories and thoughts. He also considers painting as a way to challenge and motivate himself to interpret what he sees and what he can do. It is about searching for something that inspires him and then challenges him to create and share it.