Bijan Ghalehpardaz

Ghalehpardaz, Bijan - landscape painting

Bijan Ghalehpardaz
Bijan’s Art Studio: 673 Richmond St., N6A 5M1
519 439-1340

Bijan’s work is composed of two distinctive techniques and methods of painting. One method is a new approach to visual art in using several layers of art resin and acrylic paint. This is a super intense and time-consuming technique that is rewarding as it results in a three-dimensional realistic painting.

The next technique is the continuation of his unique acrylic paint carving. Bijan applies up to 70 layers of thick high-quality acrylic paint on a hard wooden surface. This process might take up to six months. When all the layers are bone dry, he carves into them using a Dremel power tool. This reductionist approach results in a one of a kind and fascinating three dimensional painting.