Bijan Ghalehpardaz

Textile artwork by Bijan Ghalehpardaz
“Harmony in Pink” by Bijan Ghalehpardaz

Bijan Ghalehpardaz
Bijan’s Art Studio
673 Richmond St.
N6A 5P6
519 870-1008

Bijan’s work is the continuation and perfection of his unique technique of carving acrylic paint. This technique is a long process and each piece may take up to six months to complete. The process starts with creating paint layers. Often over 70 high-quality acrylic paint layers are applied over the wooden surface. Each layer must be dried before applying the next in order to reach the optimum result of crisper, cleaner cuts. Through experimentation with many different tools, Bijan has discovered that the Dremel power tool is the best device to use for cutting through such extremely tough surfaces. Bijan often works en plein air. He prepares for this for hours, using a portable generator and necessary gear such as earplugs and goggles. His resulting paintings, the unique interplay of chance and control, are beautiful. In addition, Bijan will exhibit palette knife landscapes, both local and from abroad.