Arale Vallely

Vallely, Arale - painting of an orange bell pepper
“Orange Bell Pepper” by Arale Vallely

Arale Vallely
2660 Tokala Trail, N6G 0L6
(Fanshawe Park Rd. & Hyde Park Rd.)
226 504-8333

Arale Vallely is all about silk. From paintings and wall hangings to unique silk jewelry and wearables, she enjoys exploring the medium and new ways to utilize silk in art. Silk excels in capturing vibrant colors, which Arale uses to portray interesting subjects from her experiences in Asia, the Middle East, and North America.

Arale also undertakes commission work, producing bespoke works for clients. Arale’s studio is a gallery-like space, showcasing a variety of her work in different sizes and styles. She also provides examples of the process of silk painting, as she is eager to promote silk art. The studio you will see doubles as her teaching space, where she offers silk painting classes to individuals or groups who want to experience silk painting and create their own work.