Arale Vallely

Painting of a flower by Arale Vallely
Artwork by Arale Vallely

Arale Vallely
2660 Tokala Trail
N6G 0L6
(Fanshawe Park Rd. & Hyde Park Rd.)
226 504-8333

A native of Hong Kong, Arale has been painting exclusively on silk since 2009. She is inspired by the challenge of aesthetically capturing complex subjects such as flowers and food through this unique medium. Having lived in Hong Kong, Qatar, and now Canada, her artistic themes have been greatly influenced by her multicultural experience. Arale’s work resides in collections in more than a dozen countries around the world, and she has been featured in print publications, art symposia, and charity events overseas. Arale is keen to be active and contribute to London’s artistic community.A visit to her studio space will illustrate how she produces her unique works and how she teaches others the process of silk painting.