Kim Kaitell

Artwork by Kim Kaitell
“Surfacing” by Kim Kaitell

Kim Kaitell
Oaza Studio
34 Elmwood Ave., E.
N6C 1J3
519 868-1814

Kim Kaitell grew up in North Western Ontario, deeply influenced by the forests and lakes of the Canadian Shield and has been interested in art since she had to be dragged away from the easel in kindergarten. Kim began her formal studies at The Alberta College of Art and Mount Royal College in Calgary; she continued at the private school Atelier Bleu-Vert in France where she was surrounded by rich European culture and history. Several years ago, feeling restless with the painting techniques she had employed from her studies, she began her experiments with plaster and paint. Her current work is a continued experiment with her recent, chosen medium and other elements of mixed media such as linen and burlap, and collage.

You can view Kim’s works at Gallery 609 and The Oaza Studio Gallery upstairs at The Farmer’s and Artisan’s Market.