Kevin Bice

Conifer on rocky slope painting by Kevin Bice
Artwork by Kevin Bice

Kevin Bice
2 Leslie St. N6H 1H9
519 438-4217

Kevin works at home in his studio and outdoors in locations across Canada, as well as in Italy, France, England and Scotland. He admires the Canadian tradition of landscape painting seen in artists such as Maurice Cullen, Clarence Gagnon, Marc-Aurèle de Foy Suzor-Coté, David Milne and J.E.H. MacDonald. He is most notably influenced by his father Clare Bice who, as well as being a painter, was a writer and illustrator and, for over 30 years, the director of what is now known as Museum London.

This year, landscapes from Northern Italy and Northern Ontario dominate Kevin’s studio. As well, a number of larger works focus on one of London’s historical icons, the Blackfriars Bridge. Whatever the subject or medium, the common denominator is his love of light.

Kevin is one of the founders of the London Artists’ Studio Tour. To celebrate 25 years of the Tour, as well as many current works, Kevin will be showing a retrospective of his oils, ink drawings, charcoals, pastels and watercolours.