Jerry Vrabec

Sculpture by J. Vrabec
Metal sculpture by Jerry Vrabec

Jerry Vrabec
20 Swinyard St.
N5W 4B6
519 438-2569

Born, raised and educated in Prague, Jerry Vrabec came to Canada in 1984. A true renaissance man, Jerry is part teacher, inventor, designer, technician and all artist. He has had experience creating large public works for a varied clientele: religious, commercial, corporate, public and government. All work is completed within budget and on time and fits nicely with the ambiance of nearby buildings as well as incorporating the client’s vision. An excellent example of Jerry’s work can be seen in the centre of London’s first roundabout traffic circle. The Charlie Fox Memorial Overpass sculpture is a masterful metal piece that soars 36 feet in the air. This sculpture is Jerry’s personal tribute to freedom fighters worldwide.