Brian Dirks

Painting by Brian Dirks
Artwork by Brian Dirks

Brian Dirks
24 Bathurst St.,
N6B 1N7
519 630-6259

Brian uses studio work to magnify his time with subjects and expand on recurring themes. Light. Multiplicity of forms. Flow. Edges. Patterns. Impermanence. Atmospheres of calm, turbulence and chaotic bursts. In the stillness of open fields plants bend to wave gently until another storm. Rivers and streams rise and fall etching banks seamlessly threaded to beginnings and ends. In a sky clouds race. Lilies settle upon lakes rooted to willows.

Brian respects places he has been, things he has seen, time spent and unexpected associations. These are the origin and necessity for new thoughts and strengthened links. Paintings. Mixed media. Landscapes. Portraiture. Oil. Acrylic. Ink. Linen. Paper. Durable materials. Attention to detail. About seeing and being seen. Staying in touch. Attractive to restless minds.