Beth Stewart

Coloured pencil illustration of a bird (nuthatch) by Beth Stewart
“Nutty But Sweet” by Beth Stewart

Beth Stewart
15 Antrim Cres.
N6E 1G9
519 668-6743

Beth Stewart works in coloured pencil or graphite. She is best known for her birds but also draws other small critters as well as objects she collects.

Beth is a backyard birder. She is fascinated by their antics, tenacity and beauty. She captures them in coloured pencil, which she enjoys for its controllability and versatility. Beth’s birds observe, rather than be observed. They gaze back, challenging the viewer’s autonomy with the awareness that they too are being watched.

In addition to her avian models, Beth draws, typically in graphite, from her collection of natural and man-made objects. She enjoys discovering new and extreme examples of natural and manufactured items; experimenting with arranging, and classifying things, and making visual connections between seemingly unlike items.