Artwork by Amara "Hollow Bones" MacEachern

Artwork by Amara “Hollow Bones” MacEachern

Tel: 519-667-0776
11 Leslie St.,
N6H 2J1
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Amara Hollow Bones is a multidisciplinary textile artist who works with fabric, paper, found and recycled materials, ink, pencil, printmaking and watercolour. Amara combines various mediums to produce fine art: paintings, drawings, and textile wall hangings, as well as wearable and functional art. Working with appliqué and free-hand embroidery techniques with repurposed fabrics, Amara also produces clothing, leather bracelets, pillows, tote bags, pouches, patches and hand-bound books. From sparse and barren abstracted scenes, to rich, layered, colourful and expressive landscapes, Amara incorporates botanical drawing, words, fabric, stitching, human and animal figures to create works that are an ode to wildness, illuminating that which cannot be easily named and the way the earth speaks if we will listen.