Allyson Proulx (Lefty Smudges)

Allyson Proulx's studio
Allyson Proulx’s (Lefty Smudges) studio

Allyson Proulx (Lefty Smudges)
The Shoebox
999 Lorne Ave. Upper
226 919-4080

“Wanna play paper?”
“What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters.”
Beginning her career in art, with a background in theatre and literature, Allyson is slowly constructing a considerate practice, endearingly named, Lefty Smudges. Playing with paper, collage, print, and ink, playing at running her own post office, Allyson uses Lefty Smudges as a tool to generate community engagement, and to keep the conversation, experience, and depth of human relationship found in written communication, happening. Visit Allyson at her studio to see new work by the artist, and if you so choose, to write (and mail) your own postcard. Postage included.