"Clown" - Victoria Park, London, ON, 2013 by Ian MacEachern

“Clown” – Victoria Park, London, ON, 2013 by Ian MacEachern

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Ian MacEachern’s photography has for many years been black and white Social Documentary. His work has focused on people’s relationships to each other and interaction with their environment. He looks for and photographs moments that show people, signs and activities in odd or ironic juxtapositions. The resulting images capture both the humour and pathos of everyday life within the context of the social and cultural environment. As modern society has changed, so has photography, with colour photography becoming more prevalent. Ian’s work has evolved toward urban and rural landscape. He will be exhibiting some older “classic” black and white photos, some music related photographs, photos from London in the late 1960s and the 1970s, as well as recent works from New Orleans and elsewhere.